We are not tech consultants, we are tech partners.

We build with you, we grow with you.


We believe in your business

At Lattice, we are interested in making sure your business gets the tech support that it needs. Here are the services we offer.

Web Development

Mobile Applications

Software Development

Our Process

We like to make sure we get things right and that has alot to do with the process we take to support your project. Our plan is four fold.

The problem - Knowledge and research phase

We want to know everything about the business. As we get this data, we would like to know what is the need or pain point that our solution offers you as the customer.

The prototype - Answering questions from problem statement one.

Taking all the data we have gained, we will build out the prototype of the project. Here we are working to make sure the solution touches all the problem statements we had realised earlier.

Data collection - Considering user uptake

This is our most important phase where we have a deep look at data we have been collecting from users of the system. This allows us to make micro and macro changes based on users who are interacting with the system.

The masterpiece - Finished project

Finally, after the data has been considered and the user feedback has been taken into consideration, we finish the application/ website/ software. We ensure all the ts are crossed and is are dotted ensuring international standards have been met. Then we hand over the keys.

Our commitment to our clients.

As we partner with you, it is important you know what we are committing to this relationship.

Quality Product

We are ready to offer a worldclass product that will take your business to a global level. We are keen to ensure best fit and best practice are always adhered to.

Timely Implementation

Yes, our process is rigorous but we do promise to stick to the timelines to the best of our abilities. Which also means we ensure timelines favour both parties.

Data Informed Decision Making

We know the process of making an application can be grueling anc challenging but we will help you make the toughest of decisions by informed data and by our long years of expertise. Making sure you make the get the best value for decision.