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About Lattice Interactive

Lattice is a technology company started with the intention of changing the narrative of the technology environment to one of professionalism, timeliness and quality. Our goal is to not only work with a client but to be part of their journey.

Our Approach to Development is Centered Around Partnering & Growing with The Client

We have come to the realization that many businesses do not only need development of a product, but support through growing the product into a business. Lattice was created with that in mind, to walk with the client from “client” to partner. We invest in the product as thought it was our own, develop it, nature it and grow it to a business that we would make us proud as a company of thus by extension you.

We do this with a simple process of researching, prototyping, development, testing user uptake and handing over a masterpiece that we will continue to be part of to see it grow to its fullest potential. Through each of these phases you will be part of them. A collaborative partner through every step of the way, we want you to be satisfied not only with the finished product but the process as well of creating the product because remember we are not your consultants or developers we partners.

Our Awesome Team

Njonjo Kiroga

Njonjo Kiroga

Founder & CEO

I understand small businesses and I know how much they need technology to grow. I also know how hard it can be to get this technology and that is why we exist. 

Jack Waruingi

Jack Waruingi

Board Member & Developer

I fail all the time but I don’t stop trying, I won’t stop trying on your product no matter what, there is always that trial that succeeds.

Sonica Sana

Sonica Sana

Analytics Expert

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Marine Garrix

Marine Garrix

Head of Sales

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Our Values

As we partner with you, it is important you know what we are committing to this relationship.

We are ready to offer a worldclass product that will take your business to a global level. We are keen to ensure best fit and best practice are always adhered to.
Yes, our process is rigorous but we do promise to stick to the timelines to the best of our abilities. Which also means we ensure timelines favour both parties.
Informed Decisions
We know the process of making an application can be grueling anc challenging but we will help you make the toughest of decisions by informed data and by our long years of expertise. Making sure you make the get the best value for decision.

What We Do Best

Web Development

App Development

Tech Design & Strategy

Web Copywriting


Social Media

Data & Analytics

Target Marketing

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