Docubox website development process background

This is a breakdown of how we did the website development process for Docubox.

Docubox EADFF exists to enable talented, driven, focused and accountable East African artists to produce unique films that unearth new realities and cross trans-national boundaries. Through training, development and production grants, screenings for people who love documentary films, we promote East African filmmakers and share their unique stories with the world through creative documentary.

Website Project Scope

Docubox needs an online portal that does the following.

  1. An application system that allows users to apply for the different workshops and grants being held.
  2. A transaction system that allows Docubox to sell tickets to their events.
  3. A filmmaker system where they can upload the reports on the films Docubox has granted.
  4. A newsletter system.

Website development process solution

We offered this solution by creating a single robust system that is dynamic and the client can easily work with. Due to the fact that no two applications cycles are the same, therefore the system has to be robust enough to allow Docubox to be able to create a new application as needed.

The portal also had to be secure since the database would be backing up regularly. The site has been built to be completely mobile responsive and works on most of the devices available.

For transactional pages, we have implemented mpesa stk push but with a backup that relies on a paybill number and manually inserting the mpesa reference code.

Technologies used

We implemented the project on Laravel. Hosting on VPS. We integrated Angular for a bit of the front end work.


The core of the website development process took 2 months, however, although maintenance is continuously going on.


Currently ongoing. Due to the work currently being done, we are still constantly improving the website on a maintenance contract with the client.

View website here. 

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